Pass the Mustard | V2.0.0 Launch


🥳 Version 2.0.0 of PTM is now available!

Andrew White
Dec 19, 2020

👨‍🔬 After a few weeks of work, I’m excited to announce that the new version of Pass the Mustard is available in the App Store! A ton of new features are available with version 2.0.0.

V2.0.0 reworks the ‘feed’ to feel much more like a camera roll as opposed to the previous PTM feed which sort of looked like enlarged Story cards you may see in other apps. We’ve also switched over to dark mode so content can take the visual center stage a bit more.

💭 Other major changes include:
• Ability to download media from any post
• Ability to make a post private, so it is not shareable by others
• Ability to choose whether or not a post that you send is featured on your profile

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